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Hair transplant

See an NHS-trained surgeon who’s completed over 700 transplants

When you begin losing your hair, your confidence often goes with it. Andrew Icke knows the feeling only too well, because it happened to him – and he’s a hairdresser. Andrew had a strip graft transplant with us, and he’s so happy with the results that he now gives independent, personal advice to patients considering the procedure. See Andrew’s journey here.

Why choose us?

We’ll tell you the truth. If your hair loss isn’t caused by male pattern baldness, a transplant won’t help – but trichology might, so we’ll arrange a referral instead. Similarly, if you’re young, a transplant might leave you without any donor hair for later treatment – so we wouldn’t recommend one.

At your consultation, we’ll assess your individual hair loss and work out the best treatment for you. We don’t employ doctors from the surgeon pools some clinics use – we use one trusted, NHS-trained surgeon who’s been working with us for over five years: Mr Harris Haseeb.

What does treatment involve?

Our first priority is usually to preserve the hair you have. Hair replacement techniques are improving all the time, so if you’re going to benefit from new methods, it’s essential to preserve the hair you’ve got.

Transplants work best when your hair loss has stabilised, so for some people, transplantation is unfortunately not an option right now. That doesn’t mean we can’t help – there’s a range of other options, from topical extracts and prescription medicines to low-level laser treatments. Even if you’re suitable for an immediate transplant, there’s a bewildering range of choices, so you’ll need clear, honest advice – our speciality.

Come in for a consultation

At your consultation, you’ll meet Mr Haseeb. He can tell you exactly what the best course of action is in your case, and how we can help.

To arrange your consultation with no obligation, fill in this form, request a callback on the right or just give us a ring on 0800 294 6515.