Moles and pigment

Honest advice and safe treatments that work

We offer a range of treatments for moles and pigmentation, from laser light to topical products, HydraFacial peels and minor surgery, depending on the condition. We can treat uneven skin tones as well as dark patches and pigmentation problems, whether they’re caused by damage, inflammation or the contraceptive pill.

We can also treat melasma (or chloasma) – brown or grey pigmentation on the face. In some cases, pigmentation can get worse with light-based treatment, but we have years of experience in careful, conservative methods that work.

Why choose us?

We do things properly. Sometimes, pigmentation is a sign of a deeper problem, and treatment would make matters worse. Similarly, the pigment contained in moles can act as the body’s early-warning system for skin cancer, so we won’t remove it – instead, we’ll refer you to our NHS-accredited plastic surgeon, Mr Haseeb. He has wide-ranging experience with pigmentation and moles, and can perform removals and biopsies if you need them.

What does treatment involve?

Our range of treatments includes:

- Q-switched Ruby and Nd:YAG laser treatments to break up and disperse pigment
- Peels and HydraFacial treatments to remove the outer layers of pigmented skin and help lightening products absorb more deeply
- Ionzyme treatments combined with vitamin C and kojic acid products to drive lightening products deep into the skin (often used together with HydraFacial)

We also offer home-use products including:

- Sunblocks to reduce the amount of UV light that reaches pigment-producing cells
- Vitamin C-based products to reduce the activity of pigment-producing cells
- Products containing hydroquinone (POM), which reduces pigment production
- Creams containing lignin peroxidase, a tree bark extract which dissolves pigment in the skin
- Creams containing kojic acid, which slows down pigment production

Come in for a consultation

We can tell you more about the treatments that will work best for your moles or pigmentation, and how long it might take at your consultation.

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