Hair Removal

Two decades’ experience and every laser treatment on hand

Mapperley Park Clinic started performing hair removal treatments since 1994. In the two decades since, we’ve worked with every type of hair removal laser and IPL system, giving us experience and expertise that other clinics just can’t match.

Why choose us?

We offer the full range of laser treatments, which means our advice isn’t guided by what we can offer, but what will work best.  Having tried and trained with every available technology, we prefer a combination of Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers, which lets us treat all hair and skin types (except white and very blonde hair, which doesn’t respond to light treatment – we offer electrolysis for that).

What does treatment involve?

The kind of laser treatment you receive and how long it takes will depend on whereabouts the hair is (chin, upper lip, bikini line, cheeks, legs, arms, underarms, back, and so on), how you’ve treated it in the past and any hormonal conditions you have (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, for example). As a guide, it usually takes between 8 and 12 treatments to achieve permanent hair reduction on areas like the underarms and bikini line. You might need the occasional top-up treatment after a full course, as dormant hairs begin growing.

It’s also worth knowing that rather than disappearing, some hairs convert from thick and dark to thin, blonde ‘vellus’ hairs, which look more natural than completely bald skin in any case.

For white or blonde hairs, we offer electrolysis – but it’s worth bearing in mind that it takes considerably longer because we have to treat the hairs one by one.

What about ‘painless hair removal’?

We can’t promise completely painless treatments, but that’s because we find the best results come from hitting hair follicles hard so that they don’t come back, nevertheless our lasers are far from painful. We did in fact buy the first pain-free device sold in the UK, but ended up returning to high-power technology and high-efficacy skin cooling.

Come in for a consultation

We can tell you more about laser hair removal and how long it might take at your consultation. It’s free, and includes a patch test to see how your skin and hair will respond before you commit to a full treatment.

To arrange your consultation with no obligation, fill in this form, request a callback on the right or just give us a ring on 0800 294 6515.