Juvederm Nottingham

Dermal Fillers

Natural, biodegradable gels to add volume where you need it

Dermal fillers have been used for more than 25 years to boost volume in the face and lips. They can smooth lines and wrinkles, give you plumper lips, and fill out hollowed areas of the face – which is one of the fastest ways to reverse the appearance of ageing.

We only use non-animal biodegradable gels. The result is an instant, long-lasting improvement that looks natural and is gentle on your skin.

Why choose us?

We have the most experienced injectors in the country, training other medical professionals in how to safely and effectively administer injectables.

Because we offer a range of dermal fillers, you can be sure we’ll recommend the one we think will work for you – not one we have an incentive to sell. We only use products with built-in anaesthetics, and apply a numbing cream beforehand to make treatment as painless as possible.

Dermal Fillers

What does treatment involve?

  • Juvéderm, Smile and Volbella:We use these products to treat lines and wrinkles, correct facial asymmetry, and add volume or fill in lines around the lips. Volbella is particularly suitable for the mouth because it’s designed to be very elastic, which prevents it from wearing away in such a mobile area.
  • Sculptra: We use Sculptra to boost volume in the cheeks, and to improve nose-to-mouth lines and ‘sad lines’ at the corners of the mouth. Sculptra works differently to other fillers in that it doesn’t instantly plump up the area – it works with the skin to naturally produce new collagen over a period of time. It takes several treatments and a few months to see results, but it’s worth it.

Come in for a consultation

When you come in to see us, we’ll be able to tell you the kinds of fillers that would work best for you, depending on your age, medical history and the area to be treated. Each case is a little different, but with a range as wide as ours, there’s something to suit everyone.

To arrange your consultation with no obligation, fill in this form, request a callback on the right or just give us a ring on 0800 294 6515.