Tattoo Removal

laser tattoo removal nottingham mapperley park clinic

Tattoo removal is where we started – in 1993 – and we remain experts in the field, investing in equipment (our £55,000 Nd:YAG laser was introduced in 2013) and in expertise (Jo and Paul go to Portugal next week for evaluation of a new Picosecond laser).

The problem now is that, where it used to require a significant investment in premises, equipment, training and CQC registration, since 2010 absolutely anyone can have a go at tattoo removal without training or any regulatory control – and using a $999 machine imported from China.

The problem with this equipment is twofold.  First the equipment is mis-sold to the people using it (check out this email that we received from a Chinese manufacturer).

Second, with no training and no regulatory requirements, it is all too often mis-used. We’ve covered this in one of our previous blogs.

And it’s not even necessarily any cheaper, for unscrupulous providers will provide ‘competitive’ pricing – but not for the same service.  In terms of bangs-per-buck, our lasers will beat any cheap device’s output – by a factor of thousands.

So, why not come to the experts in the first place – it will be cheaper, more effective and much less risky in the long run…

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