Mapperley Park Clinical Director Jo Martin goes under the knife!

2nd February, 2012

Jo Martin cropped

Recently our Clinical Director, Jo Martin, had her very first cosmetic surgical procedure.

We’re sure you’ll all agree that she already looks fab, thanks to years of anti-ageing treatments and always being the willing first person to try out new treatments.

But we’ve decided to introduce blepharoplasty at the clinic, and of course that meant Jo was the first to sign herself up, all in the name of science you understand!

Blepharoplasty is the removal of excess skin from the eye area. It can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelids, and can also be carried out under a local anaesthetic, meaning you don’t have to be put to sleep.

First, the area is numbed with local anaesthetic, then an incision is made along the length of the eyelid. The fat pad is either repositioned, or tightened with a cautery pen, and the skin is then pulled tight over the area and stitched back together, with any excess skin being removed. The incision is hidden behind the eyelashes and within the crow’s feet, so will be invisible when it heals.

The Plastic Surgeon who carries out the procedure is the same gentleman who performs our other surgical procedures, Mr. Harris Haseeb. These include Vaser Lipolysis, minor ops for lumps and bumps and hair transplants. Mr. Haseeb has many years of experience in both the Private and NHS sectors, and specialises in Skin Cancers.

We will be posting a case study on our website, much as we did with Jo’s ePrime, just as soon as her face is looking back to normal, and any post-surgery bruising and swelling has settled.

So watch this space…!