Injectables still top of the polls.

13th May, 2010


Mapperley Park Clinic have been offering injectable treatments for fine lines and wrinkles since 2008, and they continue to be some of our most popular procedures. It is now more acceptable than ever before to have aesthetic procedures and now that they are becoming more widely available we examine some of the statistics surrounding them.

A recent survey carried out by Cosmetic News magazine found that Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX®) was the most popular non-surgical procedure of 2009, with 47% of aesthetic treatments for women falling into this category. Next in line were Dermal Fillers at 31% with Sculptra, a Dermal Filler specifically for volume loss and lifting of the cheeks, at 10%.

The results for men were also interesting, where again, 47% of treatments carried out were Botulinum Toxin, and 14% Dermal Fillers.

Here at Mapperley Park we have noticed over the last few years that men have become increasinly interested in aesthetic treatments. It is no longer frowned upon for a man to take care of his appearance, and as it has now become acceptable for women to spend money on cosmetic procedures, the men are also starting to catch up. It is also difficult for most men, as they are unable to wear make-up and consequently can’t cover up the signs of ageing as easily as we women can.

The trend for 2010 is expected to be ‘the natural look’, with injectable treatments for fine lines and wrinkles being carried out in a subtle and conservative way to avoid the frozen features seen so commonly on celebrities in recent years. We advocate ‘tha natural look’, and have done since we started using injectables 12 years ago – we want people to say: “You look amazing, have you been on holiday?” rather than asking: “What have you had done?”

The survey also highlighted that 76% of doctors feel very strongly that, because Botulinum Toxin is a prescription only medicine it should only be administered by the doctor who prescribes it and as concerns grow over illegal and unprofessional delivery of injectable treatments, you should become aware of a new, Government backed Quality Assurance Scheme for injectables known as ‘Treatments You Can Trust’ that is launching this summer and which will provide a mark of quality to those providers fulfilling certain standards of care.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Mapperley Park has been involved in the setting up of this scheme and we will be writing more about its introduction in the near future, so watch this space.

Because injectable treatments are unaffected by suntans, they are suitable to be carried out all through the summer. Since Botulinum Toxin takes up to 12 days to take effect, clients report that if they have a treatment just before going on holiday, they are able to attribute their relaxed and line-free look to their time away. With this in mind, we are highlighting injectable treatments at our Open Day on Thursday June 10th and we are introducing Azzalure, a new type of Botulinum Toxin which gives very natural and more long lasting results than toxins previously available. To celebrate the launch we have some very interesting offers on treatments for lines and wrinkles so why not come along and watch some treatments being carried out, have a glass of wine and check out our One Day only offers?

The survey also discovered that 84% of Cosmetic doctors would ban sunbeds, and claim that 55% of the skin damage they see is directly attributable to UV light – but that is another story…