BOTOX and fillers at Mapperley Park

30th August, 2011


BOTOX and injectable fillers have probably shown the biggest growth in any area of cosmetic medicine in the last 10 years and there is increasing price competition for these services, this is for a number of reasons:

  • Media interest and celebrity stories have stoked interest and demand for the available treatments; the downside is that when things go wrong, the media are also very interested…
  • An increasing number of doctors, nurses, dentists and even beauty therapists have jumped on the band-wagon, without any necessary skills or experience of the aesthetic market.
  • Very little in the way of set up or training is required to inject toxins and fillers, so while it is a million-pound investment to set up a laser clinic like ours, it is a matter of a few hundred pounds to deliver injectable treatments.

All this activity has led to a significant dumbing down in the market so that while there are experts, delivering safe and effective treatments, there are also untrained, unskilled and dishonest providers out there. So how can you tell the difference?

The first thing to look for is Care Quality Commission registration. While this is not a legal requirement for injectable treatments, it does indicate a good basic standard of safety and care and a guarantee of accountability. CQC registration should also guarantee that the treatment is delivered by a doctor or nurse and it is our belief that the treatment should only be delivered by someone who is able to deal with the worst-case-scenario consequences. We have never experienced any major problems and they are extremely rare, but they can include vascular occlusions, tissue necrosis, allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock – potentially leading to death. Why would you want to take even the smallest risk of a serious problem that is beyond the skills of an expert injector to deal with?

Treatments You can Trust is a government-backed self-registration scheme that aims to provide basic safeguards of safety and competence. It is not the statutory registration scheme that the industry wanted and which Mapperley Park has been lobbying for since 2004 but a TYCT registered provider will have evidence of training and insurance and this is better that trusting to advertising messages or price-offers.

Finally, you should find out about the experience and training of your injector – there are some shockingly poor providers out there and complications are rising fast as new entrants cut prices and corners. You should not be tempted by Groupon offers in medical treatments – discounts on medical treatments are against all medical professional guidelines and indicate a worrying need to generate business – even at a loss. It is one thing to run the risk of corner-cutting for a discount restaurant meal (food poisoning is probably your worst-case scenario) but do you really want to run the risk of your provider cutting corners in potentially dangerous medical treatments?

At Mapperley Park, we are quite unique. Only Dr. Helen Fernandez injects for us and she has worked solely for us since 1993. Helen began injecting fillers for us in 1995 and was in the very first BOTOX training cohort in 1998. If you come to Mapperley Park for an injectible treatment, you will see Helen and Helen only; we do not use bank-staff or roving practitioners, the usual practice in salons and cosmetic chains. At Mapperley Park, you will receive the very highest standard of treatment from one of the country’s most experienced injectors. You will pay a small premium for this service but, do you want the cheapest or second best when it comes to injections into your own face? Isn’t it worth paying a little more for the best treatment available – after all, we think you’re worth it.