Hair Transplant Blog – Back to Reality!

It seems a long time since I last wrote this blog but I am well and truly back to reality after our lovely holiday and thought I’d better check in here…


We had a really great time and I’m pleased to report I managed to avoid burning my head, although I did manage to fry my shoulders (it’s all the time spent with my little ones in the pool!). Wearing a hat was a bit difficult as it’s very windy in Lanzarote so I opted for the scalp spray instead which did the trick. I must admit I forgot about moisturising at night, we were so busy trying to get changed and ready in time for the kids to see the Widgets show I never had time, it went a little bit dry but seems OK now.

As far as my hair’s concerned there’s not a lot more I can tell you at the moment, I’m at the ‘waiting for it to grow’ stage which takes several months and although on close scrutiny you can see growth I think it will still be a few more months until I see a real difference. So all I can do is sit tight and try to be patient…easier said than done!

My hair has become a talking point in the shop again as part of the Euro 2012 excitement (short-lived as it was!). People seemed as interested in Wayne Rooney’s hair follicles as his performance on the pitch – I definitely think his hair was more impressive!! Although interesting that his only goal was a header.

It was good to see that Wayne does have a sense of humour about it, with his funny celebratory hand signal that was referring to him using Andy Carroll’s hair products. I think you have to keep a sense of humour as blokes will always find an excuse to take the mickey and there’s no point taking offence.

So I’ll carry on with the waiting game, although we have such a busy summer ahead I’m sure the time will fly by!