Hair loss treatments at Mapperley Park Clinic

Since celebrities such as Wayne Rooney have been spotted with the tell-tale signs of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplantation – everyone is talking about hair transplants as the next new thing.

At Mapperley Park Clinic, we have been offering this service since 2007 through our Plastic Surgeon Mr. Harris Hasseeb who now has more than 500 transplant procedures to his name. There is actually nothing new here, just celebrity exposure.


Recent advances in hair loss

We are also trialling a new technology for hair loss in the LaserCap – a low-level laser device that aims to ‘kick-start’ dormant hair follicles back into growth.

The LaserCap is a home-use device requiring just 3 x 30minute sessions per week over a period of at least 60 days.

This sounds a pain but is only the equivalent of wearing the LaserCap while watching Eastenders, or while preparing dinner – it is that simple.

Results look promising and we are expecting to retail this device as soon as we are absolutely sure that it works – so watch this space…