Dangers of Deregulation finally being recognised

Here at The Mapperley Park Clinic, we pride ourselves on our excellent safety record and huge numbers of happy clients. We are a very busy and popular clinic, and have continued to grow because people trust us to deliver the best possible care.


However, when the Government deregulated the use of lasers and light two years ago, despite a prolonged campaign from industry experts warning of the dangers of doing so, we were very concerned.

Since then we have blogged regularly with updates on the situation. It is now possible to purchase a cheap laser online from China for as little as around $1500. These lasers purport to do the same things as our lasers do, but the key difference here is that the list price on the types of lasers that we operate here is anywhere between £50,000 and £75,000. And believe us when we say – you get what you pay for.

So why has it taken so long for the press to finally pick up on what we have been saying all along?

The Mail Online today contains an article about how much the NHS is reportedly paying out to fix the problems caused by these botched treatments. Many providers are inadequately trained (or not trained at all), operating sub standard equipment, without the appropriate insurance.

And the problems don’t end there, with much of the damage being potentially permanent, these inexperienced providers are not only inflicting physical scars, but mental ones as well.

We are happy to say that we are, and will remain, registered with the Care Quality Commission, and our inspection scores are among the highest in the country.

As well as this, we are lucky enough to be situated in Nottingham, one of the two cities mentioned in The Daily Mail’s article as having their own regulation in place, so at least the people in our immediate area are safer than those who live in completely unregulated areas of the country.

But we won’t be happy until we see a return to regulation across the board. These are machines and pieces of equipment which, in the wrong hands, are extremely dangerous, and we feel that Govermnent has a responsibility to put systems in place ensuring that those using them are not endangering the public.

If you are considering any kind of cosmetic intervention, do your homework. Check that the clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission, or at the very least with the Government backed initiative, Treatments You Can Trust. If they are not registered with either, our advice would be to seek treatment elsewhere.