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Course Overview

Learning Outcomes

Course Agenda:

Characteristics of Light
Electromagnetic Spectrum
nteractions with Tissue
Fitzpatrick Scale
Laser versus other light sources
Laser Equipment and variables
Laser Management
Refresher on Safety Hazards

Course Qualifications/Units

This online learning is self-study, with a combination of elearning, videos, tests, reflection etc. This course is mapped to Level 4 learning for laser and light.

Who Can Attend

As long as you have attended a Core of Knowledge and work in a laser environment, or have an intention of moving into the light and laser field.

Entry Criteria

To have completed a Core of Knowledge workshop or have evidence if you have attended one where the certificate is still valid.

Course Information

This online learning can take up to 5 hours and you can do at your own pace. However if you are due to attend another workshop for say Vascular Treatments, you must have completed and passed this course in time for the Workshop. You will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Mapperley Park Academy where a pass rate of 70% needs to be achieved.

Additional Infomation

You will have to pay at least 50% of your Workshop fee before you are given access to this elearning as this course is part of that course cost.