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Mapperley Park is one of the longest-established and most experienced cosmetic medicine clinics in the country. We’ve been carrying out safe, ethical procedures at our state-of-the-art Nottingham facility for more than twenty years. To put that in perspective, we bought our first laser the year Charles and Diana filed for divorce.

More than 200,000 treatments later, we offer expertise so well-renowned that other clinics come to us for training. In fact, we deliver the only medical laser qualification in the UK, issuing certificates to surgeons, doctors, nurses and beauty specialists.

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Sadly, one in three of our patients comes to us after a disappointing or failed treatment at another clinic. Unfortunately, the law no longer requires any kind of qualification to practice cosmetic medicine – even to operate a laser – which is why it’s so important to entrust your body to trained professionals.

Our family-run clinic employs only qualified, experienced practitioners – including NHS trained doctors, surgeons and nurses. We’re registered with the Government’s Care Quality Commission, and were asked to contribute to the Keogh review on regulating the cosmetic industry.

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We offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures, from injectables and fillers to laser treatments, scientific skincare – and even minor surgery. Whichever treatment you choose, the most important factor is who you trust with the only body you’ll ever have.

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Jo Martin
Founder and Clinical Director 

Jo Martin- Founder and Director Jo Martin Founder and Director

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Jo Martin and The Katie Piper Foundation

11 September 2014

Our Clinical Director, Jo Martin, has been invited to the Inaugural Katie Piper Foundation Key Supporter’s Lunch at the House of Lords on Weds 29th October 2014, hosted by the Rt Honerable Baroness Dean of Thornton le Fylde. Jo’s interest and expertise in lasers and in the treatment of scarring has led to some interesting work being carried out using pulsed dye and CO2 lasers being used in the primary treatment of burn and chemical scars.  It is hoped that this work will...

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Calling all Sonographers

07 August 2014

Mapperley Park in Nottingham has run a small ultrasound service for many years, to date restricted to vascular imaging for laser and VNUS varicose vein procedures. We are currently exploring a new project delivering a much wider range of ultrasound services, both privately and as an NHS contractor and are trying to get a feel for availability in the local sector. Consequently, we would like to invite expressions of interest and CVs from qualified Ultrasound Sonographers who might be interested in full/part-time...

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Hair Transplant Treatment Does Not Cost Much

23 December 2014

Skin and Hair are a major factor in redefining beauty. They are the accessories of beauty bestowed by nature. A person could be swathed in latest designer garbs and swathed in decadent perfumes and still not be considered beautiful if they don’t have supple skin and a head full of hair. The well being of our skin and hair are governed by the genes as well as our lifestyle. Diet, stress, addictions and pollution have a decent contribution towards the health. Any [...]

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Perfect Skin at a low price tag

23 December 2014

Skin is the most vital body organ. Its function is to protect every internal organ from external sources. Skin being the first line of defense of the body always comes in contact with several damaging agents. Harsh light, bitter cold and staggering amount of heat is endured by the skin. It is strong enough to withstand all these and protect the body. However with the course of time, skin begins to lose its natural state. Apart from age there are other factors [...]

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